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Secure Messaging Portal

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For the nation’s most influential institutions, ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service is an important tool in the protection of sensitive data. Leading healthcare, financial, government and insurance organizations have turned to ZixCorp to help them meet mandatory regulatory requirements and protect customer privacy in all their email communications.

As a component of ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service, ZixPort is a secure messaging portal that allows users who don’t have email encryption capabilities to securely send and receive messages. ZixPort is part of ZixCorp’s Best Method of Delivery™, which automatically determines the most secure and transparent method of sending your message.

When an encrypted email is delivered via ZixPort, the user receives a plain-text notification email that links to the secure messaging portal. After logging in, the user can view their message and any attachments over a secure SSL connection. First time users go through a one-time registration process. To ensure complete privacy, all return communication is secured using ZixCorp’s Best Method of Delivery.

Message Encryption Pull Method using Zixport:

Portal Delivery Method

With pull technology, the secure portal provides a way to deliver the encrypted message to users without requiring
users to install any client software.




  • Branding customization based on your organization’s needs
  • No software or user training needed
  • Securely send to anyone, anywhere
  • No impact on internal IT resources or infrastructure
  • Feature customization for optimum flexibility


  • Functions across all major mobile platforms, including Android™, BlackBerry ®, iPhone® and Windows® mobile devices
  • Encrypted read and reply capabilities for all message recipients
  • Secure compose capability for two-way communication
  • Custom password policies tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Automatic generation of notifications and invitations
  • Custom-branded URL
  • Custom notification emails
  • Optional status email alerts to sender


Branding and Customization:

ZixPort is branded to match the look and feel of your corporate web site and configured to meet your communications needs. It lets users securely read and reply to encrypted emails you send. To allow full two-way communication with customers and business partners, ZixPort can be customized to include secure compose, reply all and forward capabilities. There is also an optional address book and you can create message expiration and password policies to meet your specific security requirements.

Branding and Customization

Composing Messages:

With ZixPort, your customers can initiate an encrypted email conversation with you via your web site. You can add a “contact us” button on your site that allows them to securely contact you even if they don’t have email encryption capabilities themselves. Thanks to ZixPort, transparent and secure two-way communication is guaranteed, with emails encrypted during transit.

Composing Messages

Zixport is accesable through your mobile device through your web browser without any additional software needed.
Mobile Support:

Many users choose to read their emails on a variety of mobile devices. With ZixPort, you can send confidential information and be sure your customer can read and reply securely on any device, no matter what they’re using. It is designed to provide mobile users with a simple interface that can be accessed via the device’s browser. There is no software to install and nothing to configure.


Download the ZixPort Datasheet (PDF).