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ZixCorp Professional Bundles
Email Encryption for Regulatory Compliance

Zix Professional Bundle

Customers please note: A company email domain name is needed for ZixPort solutions. (Gmail/Yahoo email addresses are not permitted).

ZixCorp Professional Bundles
ZixCorp Professional Bundles - 1 Year
ZixCorp Professional Bundle - 1 Year
- Up to 10 ZixMail Users, 1 Corporate ZixPort
Our Price: $2,125.00
ZixCorp Professional Bundle - Additional ZixMail User - 1 Year
- ZixCorp Professional Bundle User Add-On licensing
Our Price: $42.50
ZixCorp Professional Bundles - 3 Years (3-Year Agreement Required)
NOTE: 3 Year Purchase Agreement required. For more information, click here.
ZixCorp Professional Bundle - 3 Years
- Price per year. Up to 10 ZixMail Users, 1 Corporate ZixPort
Our Price: $1,700.00
ZixCorp Professional Bundle - Additional ZixMail User - 3 Years
- Price per year. ZixCorp Professional Bundle User Add-On licensing
Our Price: $34.00

For more than 50 Users, Please use our Quote Request Form!

Pricing Notes:

Today, email is the preferred method of communication in business. Exchange of sensitive information via email jeopardizes your business partners’ and customers’ trust and loyalty, while putting your company’s reputation at risk. Fully aware of these increasing threats, federal and state governments have demanded increased data protection and enacted increased regulatory requirements.

Need for Cost-Effective Bundle

ZixCorp makes it easy and cost-effective for individuals, small businesses or select departments to protect sensitive information sent via email. Individuals use ZixMail, our desktop encryption software, to encrypt email to their recipients. ZixMail can be downloaded and installed for use in minutes. Small businesses and select departments use our professional bundle, ZixMail with ZixPort, because the bundle maintains the company branding for messages to recipients and provides the company additional security features. Best yet, this bundle is quick to deploy, quick to set up and quick for end users to learn.

Comparing ZixMail Desktop Email Encryption Options

ZixMail ZixMail and ZixPort
  • Internal & Outbound email encryption
  • Microsoft Outlook integration option
  • One-click action for encryption and decryption
  • No minimum quantity to purchase
  • ZixMessage Center: Non-ZixCorp recipient delivery method
  • Minimum of 10 ZixMail licenses included
  • ZixPort: Custom, secure delivery method for non-ZixCorp recipients
  • ZixPort offers superior mobile delivery to recipients
  • Enables recipients to compose secure email from customers’ email signatures and website

ZixMessage Center vs. ZixPort

Both ZixMessage Center & ZixPort are recipient delivery methods used with ZixMail to encrypt email messages to non-ZixCorp recipients. ZixMessage Center is a generic, secure messaging portal offered with ZixMail at no additional cost. ZixPort offers a seamless extension of your brand. With your company’s logo, colors and messaging, we customize your secure message center to match the look and feel of your corporate web site.

ZixMessage Center vs. ZixPort


Features and Benefits ZixMessage Center ZixPort
Ease of use; no recipient software to download
Secure read, reply, reply all and attachment download capabilities
Automated password creation, resets and reminders for recipients
Superior mobile delivery; optimized layouts based on recipients’ environment
Complete company branding of secure portal and notification message   
Enables recipients to compose secure email from customers’ email signatures and website   
Configurable message retention settings - up to one year  
Custom recipient password criteria (simple to complex) and login requirements   
Recipient message status alerts to sender and/or recipient (opened & expired)   


Zix Professional Bundle 3 Year Agreements

ZixCorp offers the ZixProfessional Bundles at a discount when you complete a 3 year purchase agreement. Instead of charging all 3 years upfront like some other vendors, ZixCorp allows customers to pay the 3 year total in equal installments each year. The pricing shown reflects the annual payment amount, which is due each year on the anniversary of your purchase. After you complete your online order, we'll send over a copy of the agreement for you to sign and return. If you have any questions about this process, we'll be happy to speak with you. Please contact one of our sales specialists at, or call us toll free at 888-785-4408.


Download the Professional Bundle Datasheet (PDF).